Grandma - BMW X5

The BMW X5’s third row passenger seating is the perfect place for way-backseat drivers.

With the help of O Positive director David Shane, we put together a cast of fed-up family members, including our most important character (and the singular source of everyone’s misery): Grandma.

We filmed four spots over two days on location in New Orleans. While our other family members don’t have many lines, their faces say it all: everyone’s over Grandma, and it shows. (As if putting her in the third row seat wasn’t enough of a statement.)

  • Role Senior Producer
  • For BMW
  • Date March 2014
  • O Positive David Shane
  • Mackenzie Cutler Dave Koza
  • CCO's Jonathan Mackler and Dan Kelleher
  • Creative Team P Renner, J Slack, L Gega, N Marchese, E Ortolani